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6 hours

28 September 
10:30 - 17:30


As human beings, we tend to get caught up in the same kind of situations, behaviours or, some may even dare to tell stories. We then spend quite some time analyzing all the factors that led us to that same spot we keep returning to.


If we translate this into a performative context, as improvisers we are constantly trying to establish patterns in order to make our lives on stage easier.

We embrace them, happy to have something to play with. Happy to use the safety net they bring in a scene.


Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? As we get stuck in life we get stuck on stage. Our patterns become our frustrations and in some cases, are preventing the performer to grow and explore more.


In the workshop we will strive to overcome or at least acknowledge the patterns that we bring into the group and the patterns that the group is producing as a collective. We will then try to break, transform or indulge in these patterns, celebrate them and play with them.


The aim of the workshop is to give you tools on how to look for patterns on an individual and collective level. 

All by myself

Impro theater is a collective art form. But, we are sometimes challenged to do a solo scene! It is as exhilarating as it is daunting to take center stage and do, when no players are around but yourself and how to make the audience your friend in make it on your own.

What to need?


What tools can you use to make yourself more comfortable and available in a solo scene?


We will explore different ways to get in tune with our imagination and attend to our vulnerability in performing alone and find ways how to wield this vulnerability in a performative language and make it our strongest ally.


Welcome all those who are shy of doing a solo scene or are interested in developing their own solo format.


3 hours

25 September


14:30 - 17:30


3 hours

27 September 
10:30 - 13:30

Enjoy the silence

“Acting is in everything but the words”

- Stella Adler (The Art Of Acting) 

These words will be the motto of this workshop. So many times as improvisers we rely on words alone to tell the story or to express our emotions, forgetting that our body is already telling a story and is already showing an emotion.


We will challenge ourselves with every improviser's nightmare: how to improvise without words.


In the workshop we will explore ways to listen to our bodies and trust our impulses and trying to feel the impulses of the scene partner and group. We will limit ourselves to minimal talking in the scenes and we’ll rely on the expressiveness of our body movement. 

Side note: comfortable clothes are recommended.

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