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12 hours

27 - 28 September 
Friday - Saturday
10:30 - 17:30

Dark and Light,

Wrong and Right

Playing bad people doesn’t make you a bad person. Playing good people doesn’t make you good. 

Improv doesn’t have to be about clear good guys and scheming bad guys. It can be about extraordinary, complex people, about doing the right thing for the wrong reason and the wrong thing for the right one. Scenes with nuance, contradiction and contrast. 

During this intensive, we will own these knotty, unclear scenes, plumb the depths of human depravity and suffering in a safe and creative environment. And then, when it’s almost too much, throw in some simple dumb joy. This intensive is about looking under the bed and not just facing our fears, but finding the power in them. Knowing what we think about our characters and what they do. 

So come play scenes of people living the worst times of their lives and doing the most awful things possible.

Come play murderers and their victims, corrupt politicians and licentious bishops.

Come be your worst self.

And then play a rainbow that loves the sun so much it could explode. 

Somewhat obviously, this course comes with a warning. We don’t aim to offend, but we anticipate complex conversations without easy answers.


However, no one will be expected to play (or watch) a scene they don’t want. We believe that through honesty and examination, we will journey through the underworld, bring back the treasure, and be stronger for the journey.

What is this really about?

Improv, like any form of art, is always about something, whether we consciously decide to or not.


So what is your show really about tonight? What is it saying about the world, people and our place within it?


This class will allow you to understand the ideas of subject matter, theme and thesis, how they differ and how they can be used as tools to create shows that mean something, while still maintaining all of the fun. 

Class includes:

  • Identifying theme and thesis and using them to inspire scenes

  • Creating a variety of scenes which are still linked

  • Being aware of and able to influence what a show is ‘saying’


6 hours

25 September


10:30 - 17:30

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