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John Lehr

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10 hours

28 - 29 September 
Saturday / Sunday
11:30 - 17:30

Lehr Immersive

John’s immersive will break down into five parts:


  1. Story Structure: 

    Immerse yourselves in a world instantly! Initially developed for children to brainstorm for writing, Story Structures is a perfect form for improvisors to create a sandbox and play play play! Let’s remind ourselves why we are here in the first place!

  2. Тricking your monkey brain

    We have chosen an art form because we enjoy the not knowing and yet we torture ourselves by refusing to jump into the abyss. Every improvisor finds themselves face to face with fear. What am I doing? Where is this going? How do I fix this? How do I jump in? The answer of course is to ignore the questions but how?
    We will unpack fear and find specific tools to help. By exploring this area we can find a new freedom in our work while connecting to mindfulness and other spiritual tools! 

  3. Transitions

    We will deconstruct “edits” and scene transformations to experience true inspiration and avoid the panic of “finding something better!”  We will explore location, theme and character as organic inspirations of transition. After we deconstruct, we’ll let it all go and... play!

  4. Time

    Let’s explore and examine the concept of time in improv. The universe of organic improv allows for characters to move forward, backward and exist simultaneously with other characters. How do we play with this in mind to help clarify not only where we are but when we are?

  5. Full Immersive Long form

    Finally we put all of these elements together in a truly organic one act long form that allows you to do what you do best: PLAY!

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