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This year's theme is "deep dive" aimed at specific skill sets:
Sofia International Improv Fest
25 - 29 September 2024

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Perform on our 
theater stage!


129 seats and a beautiful theater setting will make you feel like a star!

Mixer teams onstage
every night during the festival.

Lights, sound, action!

Join a wide variety of Workshops!

Classes will focus on Diving Deep.
We will have 12 hour workshops for advanced performers and much more

Mixer teams will be performing every night. 

IMG 0108.jpg
Get ready
to Party!


We have a wonderful after party space-our very own dedicated improv club with a bar!
Every night we have prepared a different party genre. 

Fun, fun, fun! 

shoutout to our friend @Kosta Atanasov and his incredible art through the years

Explore Sofia


Sofia has one of the fastest growing improv communities in Europe! 

We are friendly, take care of each other on and off stage, and we even go to the seaside together!

Since 2013  we are spreading the joy of improv around Sofia!

Low Prices

From flights and accommodation to workshops and food - everything is cheaper in Sofia!

Check out this accurate price comparison website and see for yourself!

Book a flight now!


Our main stage is right across the hallway from 
ShiZi Improv Club - our dedicated improv comedy club! Both are at the very center of Sofia.

The city is very walkable,  vibrant and full of life. 

And don't get us started on the delicious food!

Welcome to Sofia! Whether you are an improviser taking a workshop, performing in an improv group, or simply here to watch improv performances in English or Bulgarian language, we know you will enjoy your time in the capital city of Bulgaria.


Surrounded by sprawling parkland, Sofia, lies at the foot of beautiful Vitosha mountain. With a history that stretches over seven millennia, archeological-rich Sofia is one of Europe's oldest cities.

Here are the top reasons you will fall in love with Sofia:

  • Wizz Air and Ryan Air flights to Sofia are cheap and frequent. The airport is very close to the city center and a metro ride costs only 0.60 €.

  • Sofia, and Bulgaria in general is very inexpensive compared to most places in Europe.  A two-bedroom apartment in central Sofia can cost 50 € per night at AirBnB.​​

  • Meals and food in markets are fresh and very cheap. Compare the cost of everyday items in Sofia to a city of your choice.

  • Sofia will reward you with delicious and very affordable cuisines of all kinds. There is a relaxed café culture of coffees and sweets.

  • Friendly and curious people. Drinking beer with friends in the park during the evenings is very common. 


If you decide that a city break is to your liking, taking a cable car to Vitosha mountain and hiking the meadows for some fresh air above the city is an easy and quick trip.


A hidden gem of a city with rich nightlife and diverse artistic landscape. Wide, cobblestone boulevards, charming boutiques and truly electrifying nightlife in this city of 1.7 million await you in Sofia. Where else do Roman ruins rest alongside old Socialist monuments and newly built glass covered buildings?

Sofia looks unlike most European cities because it is unlike any city you’ve ever visited. Within a few paces, you can see Thracian (an ancient pre-Greek and Roman) culture, evidence of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires, see medieval Bulgarian kings crowns along with independent Imperial Bulgaria from the late 19th until the mid-20th centuries. And of course, you will see the Bulgaria of the communist/Iron Curtain era along with modern independent Bulgaria, a member of NATO and the European Union.

​We look forward to seeing you here!

ShiZi Improv Theater



We are ShiZi Pro - the first longform improv company in Bulgaria. We are following the Chicago style improv tradition for more than 11 years, doing weekly shows on a 130 seat venue in central Sofia. Our main show combines a longform format with monologues and musical improv. 

In 2016 we added a Shakespeare style improv show to our repertoire. Since 2018 we are also playing an improvised musical and in 2020 we stared playing Improvised Tarantino and a few other shows, just before the pandemic.


We run a training center with 140 people taking classes weekly, and a comedy club where our students can perform.

We are getting ready to a fantastic start of the new season with the seventh edition of Sofia International Improv Fest!

We are very excited to welcome all our guests!

You can see photos from our shows and some more info here.

We can't wait to welcome you to Sofia!

See you in September!

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